Retirement Homes: Narrowing Down Your Choices

You are attempting to choose a retirement home for a loved one but don't even know where to begin. The process is mind boggling, but you want to select the home with the very best of care for your elderly family member. Steps that you can take to assure this include:

Ask for References
When inquiring about a specific residence, always ask for a list of references from other families who may have relatives living there. Be sure to question these individuals as to how they feel about the quality of care, safety of the environment, nutrition of meals, and the general surroundings. This will give a very realistic picture of the place that you are considering for your loved one.

Talk to the Residents
Ask for permission to talk to the current residents. Engage them in conversation and ask how they are doing. Inquire as to activities and social opportunities, as well as friendliness of personnel and the privacy of their bedrooms.

Tour the Facilities
Ask to see the facilities. You don't want to just view the bedrooms and day rooms in these retirement homes, but also request to see the kitchen, nurses' station, bathrooms, outdoor areas, and even any downstairs areas. You need to get the full picture of the environment that your loved one will be residing in.

Check Staffing Expertise and Levels
Ask about the education and certifications of all staff members who will come in direct contact with your family member at the senior homes. Inquire as to how often a doctor visits the residents. Check into any complaints or issues that may have been filed against the facility.

Ask Questions
Question all aspects of care including meals, activities, outings, volunteers, visiting hours, and more at the specific nursing homes. You want to be sure to cover all bases so have a list ready at your very first meeting with management.

Consider Location
You may have found the perfect place, but may be several miles or even hours away from friends and relatives. It is important to place the individual close enough to loved ones for them to visit often. These regular interactions with loved ones can make a huge difference in the resident's happiness and well-being so it is important that it is as quick and easy as possible for loved ones to stop by.

As you can very well see, it is no easy task to find the perfect home for your loved one. Make it a priority to move him to a long term care facility where he will be happy and well provided for. The higher quality the senior home is, the more well adjusted your elderly relative will be, and the less worry and stress will be on your shoulders. You can find a lot of helpful online resources available at Sienna Living.