Changing The Way We Commute - Fixie Bikes

Biking has been around for a long time and seen many advancements in those years. The newest trend in biking is taking a step backwards as fixie bikes become more popular. For those of you not familiar with biking culture, these fixed gear bikes are stripped down to bare bones. Gone are any sort of gears or freewheel, meaning there is no coasting or changing gears to save your energy. Many of the more experienced fixie bike riders have done away with brakes, as well.

Much as the skateboarding wave of the '70s and '80s, this new urban sport for the thrill-seeker is taking the subculture by storm. The increased popularity of the fixed gear bike can be attributed to many different factors. Just like anything else, image plays a major role.

Over time, the bike messenger we see dodging traffic during our daily commute has become an image of freedom that us rat racers dream of attaining. The fixie bike has been a popular choice with messengers for many years now. They offer increased speed and control, and when cruising through New York streets, control is a matter of life or death.

Image also comes into play when looking at the fixed gear bikes themselves. Many of the more revered fixie bikes are vintage or at least based off classic designs. This unique and retro styling brings many fans around to the fixed gear bike lifestyle.

Another lifestyle set that is quickly coming around to the fixie bike way of life are those increasingly concerned with their physical health. While it is true that riders with certain health conditions will only exacerbate some health issues, riders looking to gain more stamina and increased endurance will find a new level of training in this new world cycling.

There is also that X factor to be looked at. Like any great hobby, there is simply something about riding a fixed gear bike that feels right. In the same way that driving a manual brings driver and road closer together, so does riding a fixie bike. The total control a rider has over every single move brings back the thrill and exhilaration of cycling.

When all is said and done, it will come down to personal preference and needs. There are many bikers that just love their fixed gear bikes, but there are also many traditionalists that just think these fixie bikes are a fad and prefer their brake-enabled tradition rides instead.