Fight Flu With Immunization

When the temperature drops, the flu rears its ugly head. The flu season lasts through the fall and winter, hitting worse in the colder parts of the year. No one likes the flu and there is a way to avoid the horror, with a flu shot. Many people have excuses as to why they can't take a flu shot, but are they valid?

The symptoms of the flu
The flu is much worse than a bad cold. A cold is centered in the upper respiratory system, while the flu hijacks the whole body. It begins with a headache, chills, and a nasty cough. Very soon comes the fever, appetite loss, muscle ache, and exhaustion. The flu lasts from a week to 10 days.

Who needs a flu shot
Everyone agrees children and the elderly need a flu shot, but they aren't the only ones. Pregnant women should take a flu shot to protect themselves and the baby. Caregivers like nurses and doctors and people who work with children or the elderly also need protection. Finally, anyone who doesn't want to be terribly sick should take a flu shot and who wants to be sick?

How to fight the flu
The best way to fight the flu is to not get it in the first place. You can decrease your chance of getting the flu by getting your flu shot. Many people give reasons why they don't want to get the flu shot. They say it will give them the flu, but this is not true. If you come down with the flu right after getting the shot, your body was already sick. Also, flu shots are not filled with toxins which are worse than the flu. Flu immunizations have passed rigorous testing and are taken by the doctors themselves.

How to get a flu shot
All over Canada are walk-in clinics which are ready to give flu shots quickly, getting you on your way. Many family medicine practices not only have a walk-in clinic, they will sponsor special immunization clinics. These flu shot clinics may be at the doctor's office or out in a public place where visiting it is easy and quick. Gone is the excuse of not having enough time or being unable to take off work. Fifteen minutes on a Saturday helps avoid missing a week of work, saving a lot more time.

Perhaps people are afraid to get flu shots. However, flu shots save a person a great deal of suffering. Also, if more people get the shot, less get the flu or spread the flu to others, leading to many people not getting sick. The choice is clear, take the shot and avoid the misery. More information can be found by visiting Vital Care Medical.